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Karoo Rustigheid
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us : An Exceptionally Unique Experience That You Will Remember, Total Peace Of Mind, Relaxation On The Farm @ Karoo Rustigheid Guest Farm In The Karoo , Sutherland

Customer Review

Silent is golden…, I totally relaxed in a way beyond relaxation, it was the best. We sat in front of the kaggel, warm, snuggle in a warm cozy blanket .Braai a karoo choppy and enjoyed the beautiful starry night …. it was amazing. Thank you Alta

Best wishes and greeting

Customer Review

Thank you , Alta and Cassie, for the perfect home away from home. It was total relaxing and we had a blast..we enjoyed the farm experience, your hospitality and all the experience a lot. we will definately come visit again. Best regars 

Activities .... See and do @ Karoo Rustigheid guest farm

  • Total peace of mind / relaxation on the farm
  • Safe farm karoo tranquility to enjoy 
  • Hiking and biking trails
  • birdwatching on the large plaasdam (flamingoes and various water birds)
  • bird life of surroundings – to observe
  • swimming in the plaasdam
  • Relax and enjoy the beautiful starry nights 
  • On own risk, you can row a boat – water activities at the dam. 
  • Sit back and relax, snuggle in front of the kaggel in Sutherland’s cold winter nights / braai n karoo lambchoppie
  • we would love to welcome you @ Karoo Rustigheid guest farm.